List of Items Required for Preparation of Corporate Income Tax

For preparing business tax returns please make sure to provide "Notice of Assessment", copy of your last year Corporate Tax Return & Financial Statements.

  1. First and last pages of the registration documents (Articles of Incorporation)
  2. Full address, telephone number for corporation and owners
  3. Business Number (GST number) __________________________________
  4. Ontario Corp. Tax Account Number ________________________________
  5. Ontario Corporation Number ______________________________________
  6. Shareholders Names ___________________________________________
  7. Social Insurance Numbers _______________________________________
  8. % of shares owned & type ______________________________________
  9. Incorporation Date _____________________________________________
  10. Corp. Year End ________________________________________________
  11. Bank statements, cancelled cheques
  12. All sales invoices
  13. All purchase invoices
  14. All other bills & any significant contracts
  15. All GST, PST, Payroll, WSIB, etc.. reports filed during the tax year
  16. List of all personal bank deposits
  17. List of equipment purchased and/or sold

Please include any other documents that could be relevant to the preparation of the tax return.

If you have any questions please contact us at (416) 226-2921

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