Government Tax Accounts

Depending on the nature of your business activity and the location of your business, you may be required to register for additional Ontario business license(s), permits or other government account(s), like GST/HST (Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax), Import/Export license Canada, Ontario Payroll and WSIB Ontario (Workers' Compensation insurance) registration among others. We can easily assist you via our website or by fax.

With Sole Proprietorship these accounts are associated with your SIN and are valid for any other proprietorships you may own. If you have a partnership, these accounts are registered to the partnership. In the event of a change in ownership, these accounts continue to be valid as long as there are at least two partners and at least one partner endures from the previous partnership.

You should definitely contact your local municipality to check if they require you to obtain a local municipal license for your business.

In Ontario, all of your government accounts, provincial and federal, are now associated with your nine digit Business Number (BN). A BN number is NOT a GST/HST number. It is a registration number associated with a business by the Canada Revenue Agency for the purpose of setting up various tax accounts including, but not limited to, GST/HST. When one of these accounts is set up, an extension is added to the BN number to create the required account. In the case of GST/HST, the extension will be RT0001. The number at the end of your extension is a reference number. If you possess more than one account of a particular type, this number will change.


Government Tax Accounts Registration Rates*
GST/HST Account Registration $ 39.95
Payroll Account Registration $ 35.00
Import/Export Account Registration $ 35.00
WSIB Registration $ 50.00
* Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.

HST/GST Account Registration

Payroll Account Registration

Import/Export Account Registration

WSIB Registration

To ensure complete security of your information you will be directed to our secure website for submitting your application.