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Business Development Centre has over 15 years of experience in tax preparation and income tax services for its clients and has expertise with all kinds of tax returns (small business taxes).

Professionally Prepared Income Tax Returns
If you need to file a tax return for any tax year within the last ten years, we would be happy to prepare the tax return and request a refund for you. Also, if you have any doubts about your already filed tax return we can easily check your tax return to make sure that it was prepared correctly and for your benefit. Most of the time we are able to request additional refunds for you that are due to missing deductions and other errors.

Note that E-FILE AND CASH BACK are your best solutions to getting your refund quickly. With e- File you can get your refund within 2 weeks. With Cash-back you can get your refund within 1 hour. Ask us if you qualify.

Simply tell us what needs to be done and we will provide you with a free estimate.

Tax Rates*
Business Income Tax Starting from $ 180.00
Personal Tax Starting from $ 23.95
* Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.

Q. What are the potential expenses for preparing a Business Tax Return?
A. List of Potential expenses for preparing a Business Tax Return

Q. Why should you do your taxes with us?
A. Your tax returns are professionally prepared in our accounting office. We offer year-round accounting & tax support.
We use all available legal methods for minimizing your taxes*
We guarantee the maximum legally possible refund*
E-file service is available* (get your refunds in 2 weeks)
Fast Cash Refund service* (get your refunds in 1 hour*)
Do you want to know what to write off? What documents to prepare?
Click on the appropriate link bellow for more detailed information:

Q. What types of Personal Tax Returns do we (Business Development Centre) manage?

Types of Tax Returns Fees*
Social Assistance Recipients Starting from $ 23.95
Students Starting from $ 23.95
Retired Starting from $ 23.95
Employed Starting from $ 39.95
Rental Income Starting from $ 89.95
Non-residents Starting from $ 75.95
Investment Income Starting from $ 75.95
Self-employed Starting from $ 99.00
Business Income Starting from $ 180.00
Please make sure that you prepare all required information. Following are the documents required for Personal Taxation

* The above fee includes preparation of your tax return based on up to 5 tax slips. If you have more than 5 tax slips an additional $ 1.00 charge per slip will apply. This rule applies to personal tax returns only. Applicable taxes are extra.

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