Import/Export Account Registration

If you are planning to import goods into Canada or export goods to other countries, you should register for a Canada Import/Export Account number (you could have an Import/Export Business). An Import/export account number is used by the Canada Border Services Agency to identify exporters and importers, and to process Customs accounting documentation. To avoid delays in releasing your goods at the border, you should open your account before you import or export goods.

An import/export account is used only when you have to show your import/export account on your customs documents. This applies to most shipments that enter Canada. You only use your import/export account for importing or exporting. If you do not use it, your account will expire after two years.

You should definitely contact your local municipality to check if they require you to obtain local municipal business permits and licenses.

Import/Export Account Registration at $ 35.00
*Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.

Download Consent form in pdf format.


Import/Export Account Registration

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