WSIB Registration

Registering with the WSIB in Ontario (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

Most businesses in Ontario that employ workers (including family members and sub-contractors) must register with the WSIB within 10 days of hiring their first full or part-time worker. It is the law.

Registering with the WSIB provides workplace insurance coverage for all of your workers and gives you access to experts in health and safety for your business sector.

The registration process usually takes between 10 and 15 business days. Once you receive your WSIB number, you are covered by the WSIB insurance. We also prepare and file monthly, quarterly and annual WSIB reports. This greatly reduces your workload as a business owner.

Please note that the owners are not automatically covered but they can opt in.

Registration for WSIB in Ontario at $ 50.00
*Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.

Download Consent form in pdf format.

Q. Who Needs to Register?
A. In most cases, you are required to register your company with the WSIB (Workers Compensation Ontario). There are a few industries that do not have to register. These include:

  • Banks, trusts and insurance companies
  • Private health care practices (such as those of doctors and chiropractors)
  • Trade unions
  • Private day cares
  • Travel agencies
  • Clubs (such as health clubs)
  • Photographers
  • Barbers, hair salons, and shoe-shine stands
  • Taxidermists
  • Funeral directing and embalming

This is not a complete list as there are more industries that do not have to register. For more information, please contact us or the WSIB directly.

Even if your company is in one of these categories, you can still choose to insure your workers through the WSIB. Contact us about applying for coverage for your business.

Optional Insurance for Owners and Executives
If you are a sole proprietor, partner, or executive officer, you are not automatically covered under the WSIB insurance plan. You can, however, apply for optional insurance.

Private Insurance
For all firms and sub-contractors working in industries that have mandatory coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, private coverage is not a substitute.

Q. What You Get by Registering for WSIB?
A. Protection from Lawsuits
WSIB benefits replace the worker's right to sue the employer for similar benefits.

No-Fault Insurance
The WSIB generally does not consider who is at fault when determining benefits.

Workplace Insurance Benefits for Your Workers
WSIB insurance replaces lost earnings, covers health care costs resulting from work-related injuries and illnesses, and supports return to work.

Prevention and Training Programs
Workplace illness and injury doesn't just hurt your workers: it can deprive you of essential staff and can seriously affect your company's productivity. The WSIB and our prevention partners provide numerous training and education programs that help you prevent injuries and illness before they cost you money.

Help in Returning Your Workers to the Job
Getting injured staff back on the job sooner means your business can return to full productivity more quickly. It also means your insurance claim will be smaller and your premiums may be reduced. The WSIB claims management team will help you ensure that your worker gets effective health care and gets back to work as soon as possible.

Q. Information You'll Need to Register
A. The first step in registering your company with the WSIB is gathering the necessary information. You should have the following information on hand when you are ready to register for WSIB (WSIB Certificate). The WSIB forms require the following information:

  • Business Information
  • What the workers do
  • Date of employment
  • Total annual salaries of the people involved in each task

Please contact us for details.

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Register for WSIB in Ontario

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