Trademark Registration Services in Canada

Did you know that the only way to protect your business identity and intellectual property in Canada is to register a trademark?

Anyone in Canada can apply and register a trademark you business name, logo or domain name and it may force you to change your corporate or business name. Think of the potential loss in brand value and costs you may incur. Such costs like legal fees, changes to your marketing material, even simply changing your stationary, all cost money. What about a major inconvenience and loss of name recognition? Trademark infringement could be devastating for a small business.

If your business name, slogan, website, name of a product or service you provide is valuable to you, you must protect it. Simply placing a (™) mark beside the name offers you zero protection. You must have a registered trademark and use the (®) mark.

Once you register a trademark it offers you 15 years of protection and you can always renew your registration for an additional term.

If you choose to protect your interest and register a trademark, we would like to help. A standard registration requires between 12 and 18 months to complete, however you get priority protection from the first day of filing your application.

Business Development Centre provides Trademark Registration services:

We are always available to provide you with additional information or assist you with registration. Please contact us at 416-226-2921 or toll free at 1-877-226-2921 if you require assistance.

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