Website Hosting Plans

Here are the currently available web hosting plans.

PLANS Info If these plans don't meet your needs please check out our other hosting packages. Or email our sales dept and we'll make a custom plan. E-mail Only Basic Do-It-Yourself All Inclusive
1 Year Term Info The price will never increase as long as you keep your account with us. $ 5.95/m $ 11.95/m $ 24.95/m $ 39.95/m
Website Setup Fee Info We do not charge any setup fees on any hosting accounts. FREE FREE FREE FREE
Domain Name   $ 29.95/year $ 29.95/year $ 29.95/year FREE
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E-Mail Features
Webmail Support Info We include Squirrel, Horde, and Roundcube with all our hosting packages . Web mail allows you to send and receive emails online by going to Yes Yes Yes Yes
POP3 Accounts Info This is the number of POP accounts you get. POP accounts are used to send and receive emails through programs such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. 3 3 20 50
E-Mail Alias Info Mail box aliases will allow you to setup multiple email addresses to go to a single mail box. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autoresponders Info You can setup your email addresses so when they receive mail they will automatically reply back with your message. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catch All Alias Info A catch all email address will receive all emails delivered to non existent email addresses.

If you would like this feature enabled, please e-mail support.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Forwarding Info You can setup a mail forwarder. Doing this will forward all your mail to any email address you wish. Yes Yes Yes Yes
IMAP Info We support Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP permits a client email program to access remote message stores as if they were local. Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Info We allow you to use our servers to send outgoing mail. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plan Details
Bandwidth Info Bandwidth can be best described as gas for a car. If your website runs out of bandwidth nobody will be able to visit it. 1GB of bandwidth is equal to over 100,000 hits. The average account with us uses less than 2 GB of bandwidth a month. Your bandwidth number used will reset back to zero on the first of every month. 1 GB 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Storage Info Storage is basically the disk space allocated for emails and web content. 100 MB 100 MB 300 MB 500 MB
Add-on domains Info Ability to host additional domain names under one hosting plan.
If you are looking to sell hosting please check out our Reseller plans.
No No 10 50
Subdomains Info A normal domain name looks like while a sub domain looks like
For example is a sub domain name of
No Yes Yes Yes
Parked domains Info You can host unlimited parked domain names under one hosting plan. The additional domain names are aliased to the main domain name. For will show the same content as your main name, No Yes Yes Yes
FTP Support Info FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Having multiple FTP accounts will allow you to give friends and employees their own FTP account. This will allow you to give them as little or as much access to your website as you choose. No Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP Info Anonymous ftp allows the public to upload, download, or view files in a specified directory. (no login required) No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Info Unique ip address mainly used for secure ecommerce sites. No No No Extra
SSL Certificate Info SSL certificate will encrypt information such as credit card which will give your visitors the confidence to make purchases on your website. Web sites that are e-commerce based are generally required to have an SSL to accept credit cards. Free RapidSSL valued at $ 59.00 No No No Extra
Cpanel Info cPanel will be your hosting control panel. cPanel allows you to monitor the amount of bandwidth used, space used, create e-mail addresses, sub domains, MySQL databases, and much more instantly! No Yes Yes Yes
Control Panel Features
File Manager Info You can upload your files directly from our control panel via the Web Based File Manager. You can get to this by logging into your cPanel account and clicking the File Manager icon. No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Error Pages Info Allows you to make a custom error page for anyone who visits a non-existant page of your site. No Yes Yes Yes
Hotlinking Protection Info Hotlinking is when another site is linking to your images or files. Hotlink protection will stop them from stealing your bandwidth. No Yes Yes Yes
Password Protect Directories Info Password protect a directory and nobody can view its contents without a password . No Yes Yes Yes
Page Counters Info Put a hit counter on your site instantly so you can track the number of visitors. No Yes Yes Yes
Formmail Info Formmail is a form that will email you all the info when filled out. No Yes Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin Info All accounts come with phpMyAdmin preinstalled. PhpMyAdmin allows for easy management of MySQL databases. No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Features
Php 5 Info PHP is a server side HTML embedded scripting language. All accounts come with support for version 5+. No Yes Yes Yes
MySQL databases Info MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Many forums and other database driven programs require MySQL to run. All servers use 5+ at this time. No 2 5 10
Web Design   N/A Your own Your own We provide Basic design
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